Friday, March 28, 2008

new car!

it took me some time to formulate why exactly i was so initially attracted to the toyota yaris in the particular jade sea metallic color.

then i realized that it was an exact throwback to the powerwheels (TM) little mermaid-themed convertible that i was completely enamored with as a child every time we went into toys-r-us. i seem to remember that it was a pale seafoam convertible with starfish on the hubcaps and a lilac steering wheel. and it had a sebastian the crab horn on one side. it was amazing.

alas, i have never seen it since it was that small, red-haired four-year-old staring lovingly in toys-r-us. wow that sentence had a lot of hyphens. anyway, here, at least, is my new car which begins to attempt to recapture what has now become lost to the ravages of time:


Emily said...

The cutest thing ever! Next to my car of course. ;)

Caroline said...

These are the seedlings of moments of true revelation- congrats on sewing your [wild] oats.

it's not just for the classroom!