Saturday, March 1, 2008

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

yawn. a saturday spent reading applications that could have been spent...doing what? hmm. not really much else i could be doing except olympic walking. maybe it's just as well.

so a man was arrested right outside my house two nights ago. such a comfort. i didn't ask the police why he was arrested–it may have been a domestic violence case–but he was pinned to the sidewalk outside my window and they took a gun and a bottle of whiskey off of him. again, i feel so secure now. i think i'll take my stepmother up on her offer to make me some homemade indonesian-recipe mace. and maybe i'll replace jack with a german shepherd.

what am i saying? i could never replace jack; he and the dog will just have to be friends. the cat's kind of already a dog anyway, and bites something fierce.

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