Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's All Okay

I got a lovely email recently from a young woman who I had once interviewed for admission to Gettysburg, who is now a current student there and wanted to talk to me about making the transition from student to professional in the admissions world.

Of course this email opened a floodgate of reflections for me. I remembered the interview with this charming girl, and how excited she was at the prospect of college. We talked and laughed well beyond our allotted interview slot, and I was thrilled when she ended up coming to Gettysburg. To be able to keep up a connection with someone with whom you'd been through the process of admission, to get to see what they've done with their time in college, to see how they've grown…well, to say it is rewarding is trite at best. It's simply unbeatable. And then to be able to be a guide once again on the next step of their journey is equally an honor.

These are the kinds of memories that remind me of why I loved being an admissions counselor. They also remind me of what I want to be in any job that I'm in. I want to help people. The moments that permanently imprint into my mind are those where I feel genuinely moved that I was able to improve the lives of those with whom I worked. You work because you want to serve a purpose, to make something better than it was before. Otherwise, why labor?

I especially feel blessed with these moments where I can turn to someone who's about to undertake the experience I've already had, and to be able to tell them it's all going to be okay. Isn't that all we ever want to hear? Especially now. And realizing as you're comforting them, that the words are still true for you as well. It's all going to be okay. And it will. It is.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hoo Made Owls So Fashionable?

So many exciting events have happened over the last week, but all I'll say for the moment is that I feel pretty good so far about 2012. Yay 2012! Now don't worry; if something goes wrong now, I won't blame you as a year. But let's keep this happy streak going for a bit longer, shall we?

As the above photo suggests, owls are on my mind lately. That's because I've been writing up lots more product description for owl jewelry pieces for Falkora Jewelry, like this piece: Owl Be Attending the Oscars Ring.

Considering the number of jewelry pieces I've written about so far, of which the owl is a dominate theme, and considering in how many places have I seen owls featured as necklace pendants, rings, t-shirt motifs, and plateware (think ModCloth and Forever21), I am thinking now that it would be very interesting to do a research project on the significance in the fashion world of animals, and of why certain animals become popular when they do, and why they remain prominent in a fashion culture.

I don't think I'm fabricating this; owls just do seem to be everywhere in fashion, and they have been for several years now–especially among costume jewelry and among fashion marketed towards teenage girls and young women. But why this is, I have no answer for so far. I invite your ideas and owl-themed wordplays.

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