Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hoo Made Owls So Fashionable?

So many exciting events have happened over the last week, but all I'll say for the moment is that I feel pretty good so far about 2012. Yay 2012! Now don't worry; if something goes wrong now, I won't blame you as a year. But let's keep this happy streak going for a bit longer, shall we?

As the above photo suggests, owls are on my mind lately. That's because I've been writing up lots more product description for owl jewelry pieces for Falkora Jewelry, like this piece: Owl Be Attending the Oscars Ring.

Considering the number of jewelry pieces I've written about so far, of which the owl is a dominate theme, and considering in how many places have I seen owls featured as necklace pendants, rings, t-shirt motifs, and plateware (think ModCloth and Forever21), I am thinking now that it would be very interesting to do a research project on the significance in the fashion world of animals, and of why certain animals become popular when they do, and why they remain prominent in a fashion culture.

I don't think I'm fabricating this; owls just do seem to be everywhere in fashion, and they have been for several years now–especially among costume jewelry and among fashion marketed towards teenage girls and young women. But why this is, I have no answer for so far. I invite your ideas and owl-themed wordplays.

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Makeup Maestra said...

owls are EVERYWHERE! juicy couture released a lot of owl jewelry this season and apparently it sold out more than any of their other pieces. i have no explanation for the sudden increase in owls' popularity, but i have no complaints! it sure is a hoot, though.


Agatha Wells said...

Haha, nice owl pun. I didn't know about Juicy's collection so I'll definitely check that out! Yes, I don't know what the reason is either, but owls are just simply incredibly iconic these days--but it also seems to be a reprisal of fad from the 70's, so there's some element of retro/hippie/nostalgia there too.

Thanks for reading! :-)

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