Sunday, August 17, 2008

mahna mahna

blah so i've been a boring blogger since i haven't updated in awhile. i've missed you, internet-friends...who are also friends in real life. and if you want to hang out, that would be cool.

of course, my busy schedule is one thing that prevents me from hanging out as much. i don't mean to make it sound like my life is so full of exciting things, because it's not, but i did go to ikea yesterday, which i find extremely exciting. quite level, in fact, with day trips to colonial williamsburg. aargg my cat just licked my lips. and you know where his face was a minute ago.

anyway, yesterday was a good day, as i not only went to ikea, but down to d.c. as well, where i saw the jim henson exhibit at the smithsonian and it was completely inspiring. it was in honor of our 'muppet family reunion', which to those of you who aren't familiar with alpha phi omega will make no sense to you at all. but the point is that it ended up being a group of random people who were able to go, instead of all of the members of the muppet family, so it was not the day we planned, but ended up being a lot of fun.

i was also driving my friend patrick down with us, and he ended up buying more at ikea than i did. that's the second time this weekend now that i've gone shopping with a guy friend and they bought more than me. and more domestic products, at that. am i an inspiration of some kind? i like to think so.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

i'm home from indonesia!

yes, my plane did not crash, as i had feared, after hearing about that australian plane plummeting 18,000 feet through the air before righting itself. i never used to fear flying, but after that i prayed the whole 40 hour trip home that i would land safely, no plummeting, no heart attacks from not dying but thinking that i might die. i'm not ready to face mortality; i prefer the freudian denial of turning death into a desirable thing, a la king lear. i'll explain it all later.

for now i'm momentarily in salisbury, ct visiting mt. riga and my aunt has taken me into town to check email while she does laundry at the laundromat. so no more for now, but i'm happy to be home and will have much to tell when i have settled back in gettysburg with my vicious beast, aka jack. i love you all and hope everyone who reads this is doing well!

peace, love, happiness

it's not just for the classroom!