Thursday, April 30, 2009

warm evenings

things are finally calming down, and my life regains some... some what? i'm not sure. it gains something. maybe the increasing warm weather is part of it, but this time of year is always renewing. i begin to remember other warm days, and warm evenings sitting in the yard and listening to the trees.

when i was a child i used to think that that time between the sunset and the night contained some magic. if any magic could happen, it would be during those hours when your vision becomes hazy for lack of sunlight, but hasn't yet adjusted to the darkness. don't laugh at me, because i didn't truly ever believe in fairies, but i did hope that one day my skepticism would be proven wrong, and that one of those evenings i would glimpse them out of the corner of my eye, hovering in the twilight.

now to simply sit outdoors, it's enough.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

got the dot?

i am so totally proud of this video and of my college:

got the dot?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


boo. college fairs need to tell you WHERE they are, and HOW you get there. and they should tell you the CORRECT TIME that the fair actually ends.

boo. at least my hotel gave me a very nice fruit plate, after they messed up my reservation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


this day has seemed to last forever. i'm tired, my head and my heart are tired. i want to sink into my bed right now and forget everything, but i won't.

i think i'm just dejected because i'm running on a shortened amount of sleep, on top of everything else; but it's as if only today has it really hit me, what happened on our campus, and that is compounding all of the other small, inconsequential grievances, like the rain today. i had driven to philly for a committee meeting, and no one at the meeting mentioned the subject to me until the very end, when we were walking back out to our cars. i expressed that the whole campus is so appreciative of the love and support being shown by alums, parents, our town community, and fellow institutions all over the world. i said we were hanging in there, and we would be ok.

and then i got back in my car, and started driving down the turnpike, and before i knew it i was sobbing. i recovered after a few minutes and made it back to the office, but now i realize how badly we all need this support, no matter what our relationship was to those involved. because we're all involved.

i've always been proud of gettysburg, and these past couple of days i have been even more proud: of the college and our president for encouraging us to reach out to each other, of the maturity of our students in handling their grief...i can't think of what situation we would be in, if people turned against each other, started making accusations, spreading rumors, degraded the community they belong to. i am grateful that the community we have built here is strong enough to hold us together.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

spring smells

another sunny weekend...we have been having good fortune in that department, and yesterday's junior open house was a great sucess–a bit chilly, but the first sunny joh in several years. my only prayer is that get acquainted day in two weeks will be just as beautiful.

yesterday evening kayla and i decided to break out my little firepit and we had a barbeque, roasting seasone vegetables in tin foil, and hot dogs (for me–kayla is vegetarian), and finally, delicious smores. it was so windy, however, that the smoke and ash blew all into our clothes and so now i smell like campfire, which makes me unwarrentedly happy. mmm. campfire.

if they made a perfume for garlic and campfire, i would totally wear it. that is how much i love both.

it's not just for the classroom!