Friday, December 30, 2011

Massage Envy, My New Love

Last night I cashed in on a gift certificate my mother gave me for Christmas, to Massage Envy, which must be one of the greatest places on earth. I got an hour and a half massage, including aromatherapy massage lotions in their "anxiety release" scent, which was a soothing melange of lavender, orange, and some other calming stuff. I almost went for the straight lavender scent, but decided I would do the other one and just burn some lavender incense at home instead, thus completing my 360 degrees of harmonious environmental energy.

Oh, it was amazing. For an hour and a half, I lay practically comatose, and possibly slightly salivating, while this saintly woman slowly returned me to the state of Human Being. I went in with tension in my neck and shoulders from sitting at a computer all day, and general stressiness from running around and living life all day and not having enough time for yoga, and walked out of there literally bouncing down the sidewalk, I felt so light.

I try to make empathetic noises when people tell me they do not like massage, but honestly I am at a loss as to why. Perhaps I was a cat in a previous life, who now responds instinctively to back rubs, but the experience of having aromatic lotion rubbed into your tired skin while you slowly unwind every muscle in your body, is just unbeatable. Massages should be covered by health care plans, and not just because you made up something to the insurance company about "your old football injury acting up again."

Haha, like anyone would ever believe I played football.

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VZigmont42 said...

I LOVE massages- They are my new favorite thing. (They are expensive though). I also never understood why anyone would say that they don't like massages. They are also good for opening up your back, getting knots out of muscles, making you more flexible and re-balancing things if you aren't working out evenly. (Those types of massages are not relaxing, and nothing like the one you just had, but they are amazing, none the less). I am glad you found your love for massages :)

Agatha Wells said...

I know! Really it's the expense that's holding me back from getting one every single day. I would like to have one of those intense massages, even if it's not "relaxing" in the moment--I do agree that afterwards I bet you feel amazing.

Thanks for reading, MRS Vicki! :-) <3

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