Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a career option?

so here's one of my favorite french painters, the lovely elisabeth vigée-lebrun, in great part famous for her many portraits of marie antoinette. my favorite paintings are those she does of mothers and children. unfortunately i couldn't find a nice copy of those. but here she is, in a self-portrait.

if i had inherited any painting skills from the rest of my family, i would paint like her. but i didn't, nor am i a sculptor nor a watercolorist. piracy may indeed be my only option.


Emily said...

You need to try oils... I hear they're easier for blending.

But Agatha... NO ONE paints like her. That's why she's famous and worshiped and everyone else is confused.

You can still paint in your own style. :)

Agatha Wells said...

hmm good point... thanks emmy :)

it's not just for the classroom!