Thursday, March 20, 2008

oh to be a cat

check out this breaking news. it's basically scientific evidence that having soft, cuddly pets is the best kind of healthy lifestyle. basically, if you love sweet puppies with big watery eyes and little kittens with pink little paws, you have discovered the zen of true happiness. is that redundant? maybe. and yet i don't care because i'm too busy feeling happy about having a furry stinker of my own, the famous captain jack sparrow, named such for the scar left on his right eye from when he had an ulcer as a baby (i.e., like a one-eyed pirate).

hmm i guess you can't see it when he's sleeping. this is such a typical pose too. i'm always so jealous in the mornings when i wake up early and have to go to work, while he snoozes, taking up my entire bed, while i head off to earn money to buy him fake mice and kibble. i might enjoy being a beloved cat in my next life.

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Andy White said...

Ha! I'll have you know that if I am actually Clark Kent's soaring alter ego, then kittens are my kryptonite--I am allergic to those furry stinkers. To me, their dander is like anthrax.

I actually read about an experiment in a psychology course at Gettysburg involving baby monkeys. They setup two fake mothers for this monkey. One was all jagged and made from a wire frame, but had an artificial teat supplying nourishing milk. The other mother was all cuddly and fluffy, no teat. Turns out the baby monkey would snuggle with the fluffy mommy until it was hungry, which is when it would crawl over to the pokey mommy with a nipple before quickly getting back to fluffy for more cuddles.

The prof. said that cuddling something soft and warm releases all the happy chemicals in our brains and put us in a pleasant state of well-being. So I suppose baby monkeys know best. Perhaps, cuddling can solve all of life's problems...and perhaps it really is the source of zen for true happiness.

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