Tuesday, March 18, 2008

goods and bads in march

so i should be getting my car on thursday. the downside is that regardless, i won't be going home to connecticut for easter as it's simply too far a drive to make if i have to be back for work on monday (yes i work monday–isn't that lovely?). so i'll be spending easter, the first easter in which i have done so, without my family and alone in gburg. fuuuuuun.

at least i will be seeing my sister on friday; we have a whole excursion planned to meet each other at longwood gardens just below philadelphia, and then we're going to proceed to see winterthur, the mansion owned by the dupont family who started longwood gardens. ok i know it sounds really cheesy, but we haven't been to both places in years and i'm totally excited!

longwood has acres of beautiful fountains and gardens to walk through, and my personal favorite, a huge greenhouse with lots of pathways and indoor streams and this huge hall with marble pillars and in the center, a sunken-in shallow pool with lily pads and all kinds of beautiful things floating in it.

and winterthur is such a cool house. the mr. dupont of the early twentieth century believed in promoting american trades and crafts, so he dedicated one room of the mansion to each state in the country. i love the new york state room–so federal.

this will make my easter not so sad :).

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Emily said...

Yeah, honestly, it sounds like a pretty kickin' Easter, if you ask me. ;)

it's not just for the classroom!