Sunday, March 16, 2008

new cars are super

yesterday my dad drove down from brewster, ny to help me buy my new car. we went to the toyota dealership in hanover where we met the salesman with whom i had been in contact with. we were greeted in a very friendly manner, as behooves the reputation of toyota of hanover, and our salesman proceeded to try and make a personal connection with us by talking about his friend who went to rehab up in a center not far from brewster. i knew, then, that this day would be interesting.

it made me wonder if i sound nuts to families to whom i make idle chatter when they visit the admissions office. of course, i don't think i've ever mentioned rehab and i don't really plan to, but still. i'll be much more introspective about my whole approach from now on.

anyway, our salesman was perfectly nice and patient as i test drove the toyota yaris, then the toyota corrolla, then went back inside the dealership to look at color swatches of both cars, then went back outside to stare at both cars' exteriors, then requested to sit down again in the driver's seat of both cars, then sat down in the back seats of both cars, then stood again in front of both cars and compared them visually, then felt tempted to call my sister for advice but felt it would weaken my front to the dealer, then fell silent for a long time in contemplation, then announced that i was vaguely, positively, almost certainly sure that i wanted the yaris in sea jade metallic, which was what i originally wanted when i walked in there. but it was tough; the corolla is a great car too, and probably performs a bit better because it has a bigger engine. if only it looked as sleek and european as the yaris, and came in jade sea metallic, not horrific, forty-year-old woman tan. no offense. when i'm forty, i plan on being amazing. or at least never succumbing to wearing dresses with an elastic waistband.

so it was really difficult and i hope i've made the right decision because they didn't have the car in green for me to drive away that day so they're going to call a sister dealership on monday to have one sent over... so i hope when i see it that it's as beautiful as i hoped. especially since i signed a contract. i'll just have to trust that i had to make up my mind at some point. i wish emily had been there to help me decide since she's had so much input already on the non-economic aspect of car-buying, i.e., the spiritual fulfillment aspect.

but yayy i will have a new car! now if only gas prices weren't so agonizingly high....

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Emily said...

I'm SO happy for you! And yes, I do think you made the right decision, because when I SAW the exact sea green Yaris on our street that you wanted, and it looked SO beautiful, I knew it was a sign that that must be your car. As well, I'm sure it performs fine. Gas economy should be pretty good to you too! Aren't they around 35 mil/gal? My car is only 25!!!! At very least, it should be better gas milage than the Saturn you were used to, being as though it's newer and smaller. I think you will be very happy with this car.

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