Thursday, February 28, 2008

creative scrabble

back by popular demand, here is the glorious and creative scrabble game that was played by my sister, my cousin and myself one time while at our grandparents' house. making real words is hard and boring, while making up words with whatever scrabble letters you have and then assigning them definitions is infinitely preferable. the initials after each definition indicate which of us made up the word (emily, kierstyn, agatha)...although it really was a group effort all around.

dievib: (n.) a type of dip used for vegetables. (e)

loinvix: (n.) situation on the highway when you’re trying to get into the right lane to exit and another car is in front of you and another car is to the right of you and basically you are stuck and uncomfortable. note: this is an analogy for a wedgie in the wrong place. (a)

reboadad: 1. (v.) to boadad again; re-snickering. 2. (v.) to re-caulk a large object. (k)

physmfid: (n.) as in “physmfid packets”, used like alka-selter. (e)

smaruf: (n.) the offspring of two inbreeding smurfs. (a)

gloedft: (n.) a small swedish woodland creature, resembling a gnome. note: the gloedft refuses to bring presents to nasty children. (k)

crypuj: (n.) the crusty build-up residue on jars of food. (e)

bisanzal: (n.) a person with a tendency to cross-dress as fairy-tale figures. (a)

jaergty: (p.n.) first name of the abominable snowman from the claymation rudolph video. (k)

ottink (p.n.) the australian professor who became the founding father of sea-monkeys. (e)

werain: (p.n.) the real first name of jim morrison. (a)

toedag: (n.) stuff between your toes that comes from another country. (k)

euphlow: 1. (n.) something medical. 2. (p.n.) a prescription feminine geriatric product. (e)

rivant: 1. (n.) an exotic dance involving bag pants that can easily become a raincoat with a few easy snaps. 2. (n.) a deragatory term. (a)

ercioe: (n.) something italian that only italians understand. (k)

cuenog: (n.) (silent “g”) a tribe in the himalayas that gathers the cuenog plant that grows in the amazon. (e)

iquasent : (adj.) to be accepting of one’s own flawed gene pool. (a)

otexe: (n.) an exotic form of botox. (k)

it was so exciting the day we actually got to use the word "reboadad" in context.

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