Tuesday, February 12, 2008

just say yes to persuasive essays!

i almost miss writing persuasive essays...no, i do miss writing persuasive essays, even on modern fiction....even on don delillo–but certainly not on tom wolfe. or samuel richardson. blech.

i'm really itching though for someone to ask me how transformations in the conception of public and private spaces are reflected in the tone and setting of Pamela, or why austen's refusal to limit her heroines to the role of 'threatened virgin' catalyzed modern romanticized love in marriage–because oh it did!

but no one has asked me, and even if they did, i suppose i don't have the time now to reflect. oh well, there's nothing like doing something else to make you appreciate what you desperately longed to be finished with...aka, a paper. though really, i never longed to be finished with college. maybe some days i did. but mostly i felt that it flew by far too fast, and those moments of intellectual exhilaration, when you really come to a point in a discussion at which you feel the most incredible discovery and the sensation is nothing less than adventurous, were too short.

i guess we'll see how nostalgically i describe class time once i'm in a phd program :).

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