Thursday, February 21, 2008

des rêves bizarres

how's this for an option: buy a mas, or traditional provençal country home, and live the rest of my days sipping wine and eating pain au chocolat, pâté au lapin, and the finest selection of cheeses, so pungent and delicious that i will momentarily put my food down to put my head in my hands and sob with happiness.

and here's my possible home, although i'm also flexible to living in a chateau or villa:


Emily said...

Wow, of course. Homes like that look quite inexpensive, and I'm sure the job market out there is large. J/K. I updated the look of my affiliates section on my site [you're number one! by default]. I still have to make fun of you for your love of James Dean. Also, you reminded me, we have pain au chocolate in the fridge, and it's only a week old. Excellent.

Agatha Wells said...

what's wrong with james dean? you agreed before that were i able to go back in time, we could have totally had a relationship.

Emily said...

No, James Dean is hot. I was just kidding. Obviously a lot of people agree with you.

it's not just for the classroom!