Saturday, February 23, 2008

app reading is totally fun!

i have so turned over a new leaf in this whole application reading thing. i get to wear my pjs to work, and i am so pumped to read lots of apps from my travel regions, eat chinese food, do yoga and possible dance exercise videos on lunch break and in the evenings, and generally forge ahead in new and exciting ways in the office of admissions.

i will wear walmart trackpants (which are actually very cute if you ever get a chance to see me in them), my fuzzy purple aloe-infused slipper socks, and will forgo makeup unless i'll be encountering someone i might want to impress (unlikely in this town*).

i will make dynamic comments about this generation, the current atmosphere of the college, and what our future looks like (i say positive!).

i will bring in lots of amazing teas and snacks, and contribute homey touches to the office, like making swedish meatballs and scones.

i am ready. at least, that's what i tell myself....

*note: not that i don't love gburg.

it's not just for the classroom!