Sunday, April 6, 2008

manchego cheese!

i know i am inordinately excited over cheese, but you must admit that it is an amazing thing that giant finally sells more exotic products than craft american singles. i won't tell you how much a hunk of manchego or goat gouda costs, because i bought both, and if you knew what i paid for them, you'd reach through your computer monitor and smack me upside the forehead, à la V8 commercials.

but i don't care; i love cheese and tonight i'm indulging in annie's shells and chedder, made with organic pasta and goat milk. sorry, i have no more time to listen to your remonstrations. i have to go eat my manchego.


Emily said...

Is it really that good? I'll take your word for it. ;) No one should ever criticize you anyway, if they knew what happened when you drank too much cow milk. Seriously.

I updated my site with a wordpress blog. Not sure how I feel about it, but so far I like it. You know how I feel about change though. ;P

The best thing is though, now I'm writing this from my *new* [old] iBook, while sitting in the play room drinking Shiraz and watching Law And Order. I feel so luxurious.

Emily said...

Aggieness is cuteness.

Andy White said...

I love cheese! I even sculpted a violin out of cheese back in February. I posted a picture on my blog. It's worth a thousand curds.

Naked goat cheese is stellar. I also like gruyere(sp?). So next time you indulge in any more expensive super cheeses, please invite me over so I can help you to eat it, and fund it, too, I suppose.

The lady who sits at the desk next to me in the office is taking cheesemaking courses. She relays the information to me and my eyes get wide and my face starts grinning....cheeeeeeeeese.

Agatha Wells said...

ah, the power of cheese.

Caroline said...

I'm a huge gruyere fan, myself.
Have you ever tried beaufort?

Agatha Wells said...

i love gruyere, beaufort, camembert, and all cheeses. ask emily about the time i got the smoked gouda craving at 11:40 at night.

it's not just for the classroom!