Thursday, April 10, 2008

blech so sick of flying!

my sister was right; no one gets excited to fly. ok, well maybe they briefly feel excitement for food coming in little airline packets, and airline pillows, and looking out the window from 32,000 miles above the earth. but only briefly.

really, no one gets excited to fly; what they get excited for is to go somewhere and wake up the next day on a beautiful tropical island. so i just want it known to all those who think it's incredibly glamorous to travel by plane in heels and a business suit: it is not sexy. because sexy people don't have bloodshot eyes and rumpled blazers and don't hobble in their heels because people who say they're really comfortable wearing heels all day are lying.

now i sound bitter. i'm really not bitter, just tired. and it was fun to see boston; but i am so ready for pjs and my bed and my cat keeping my toes warm and everything lovely about being home.

the irony is that i go through these periods of wanderlust, where i tremble to get up and go somewhere away from where i am, always dissatisfied, and anxiously wonder if i will ever find somewhere where i know i would be truly happy to be settled. but i suppose the travel i do can't do justice to every city that i visit, as i spend most of my time in an unfamiliar rental car trying desparately not to kill myself or anyone else around me, which directly diminishes how much i actually concentrate on scenic vistas.


Andy White said...

You have a nice point about travelling versus the comforts of home. Just wanted to say that, for me, the mere process of travelling is a pleasure. Train, plane, car, boat, bike, on foot...I like them all. In Bob Dylan's Chronicles Vol. 1, he mentions how he always enjoyed writing songs while in transit, when he was moving, going someplace. At this stage in our lives, we aren't really settled anywhere. Our parents' house isn't what it used to be and neither is Gettysburg. We all have our own odyssey, the search for a home. And I guess when I travel, no matter how uncomfortable it can be, it makes me high and hopeful about what's further on down the tracks. In my mind, at our young age, ya just can't beat that feeling.

Emily said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm... strangely I can relate to this.

Agatha Wells said...

andy you have have a very nice, positive attitude about travel, and i should, too. sometimes it's just hard to enjoy everything about travel, i guess, when i'm worrying about remembering everything for my job--but there are definitely good points to traveling too.

it's not just for the classroom!