Saturday, January 31, 2009

i miss you

dear friends, i just want to say that even though i haven't seen so many of you in ages, i really really miss you and know that even though all i do now is read applications and eat swedish fish, i wish we could have one giant reunion in gettysburg...everyone would be invited: college friends, friends from connecticut, family, random strangers who looked cool.

and we would have joyous times together. just wanted you all to know that.

and thanks for reading my lame blog, those of you who do. because you could be internet shopping right now but you're reading this. and that touches me deeply.

<3 to all


Chris Garaffa said...

Dear Agatha,

I miss you too and regret that we couldn't get together more when you were home for the holidays.
Should you ever have this reunion, count me in. I'd love to visit Gettysburg again!

(P.S. I'm also Internet shopping right now. For freelance work, though.)

Agatha Wells said...

you got it!

i'm so glad that my blog post didn't prevent you from continuing to shop...thank God. :)

it's not just for the classroom!