Friday, January 2, 2009

an astrological beginning

a lovely start to my new year! hmm, i say it like i'm the only one experiencing 2009 right now and that's not true at all. i feel very much one with the global community.

so i broke this into two parts since the last post about the casino was getting rather long. but the part two is that on new year's eve, we woke up in the hotel and looked out the window and saw that it was heavily snowing. ok, i didn't look at the weather forecast earlier, but i forgot about the existence of snow, living in gettysburg, aka "the south."

i then got a text from vicki informing me that she was sick and that her new year's celebration had been canceled due to that and the inclement weather. totally disappointed, there was nothing to do but head back to greenwich. em and i decided to stop at the outlets on the way back, and wait out the storm a bit, which was predicted to stop around one. but instead of getting better it got worse. determined to make it home before dark, i told em that i wanted to head out, so we parted but after i'd been on 95 south for about ten minutes she called me and told me that her friend andrea had invited me to stay with her as well, since she was much closer than greenwich and it would be safer.

so i slowly drove north to south windsor, taking much more time than usual because of the weather and because of the mean connecticut people who are not nice on the road. if you're from connecticut and you drive in connecticut, i mean all of you: you don't need to speed when there are six inches of snow and ice on the ground, and the wind is kicking it up so that you can hardly see a couple feet in front of your car. that is unneccessary. that is why your ford pick-up ended up in that guard rail back around exit 76. also you are a man and you were over-confident. that is also why you pay more for insurance.

anyway, i'm sorry that vicki was sick, but hanging out at andrea's ended up being a blast so i was very happy that it all somewhat worked out in the end. we watched "baby mama" which was dumb but vaguely entertaining, interspersed with episodes from the twilight zone marathon on the scifi channel. we also made homemade chocolate chip cookies and played sequence, which is this weird card game with chips and a playing board that i'd never heard of before and was much more challenging with the addition of champagne. and if you're wondering, yes–i was too scared to open the champagne bottle. but so was em. andrea opened it for us.

the next morning was great. andrea's mom and dad are awesome–her mom was excited to try out the new belgian waffle maker she'd bought, so we had fresh blueberry waffles, and her dad was excited to keep serving us cappuccinos and espressos from his espresso machine which only he knows how to use.

then andrea got out her astrology books and we took turns looking up each other's personality horoscopes and relationship horoscopes. then we contemplated playing in the snow. actually, i contemplated that silently but i don't think anyone would have wanted to join me, as it was about 15 degrees outside.

this afternoon i met vicki on my way home at a barnes & noble and that was nice, too, except apparently she's now given her stomach bug to her fiancé. oops!

happy new year, dear and lovely friends. you light up my life so much more than you can know, and i think of how lucky i am to have so much love around me, when love is the most important reason to live. it is such a happiness when good people get together–and they always do.

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Happy new year!

it's not just for the classroom!