Monday, January 12, 2009

internet impatience

i've been noticing for quite some time now my extremely limited patience when using the internet. one of my friends from work posted a funny youtube video on facebook about the impatience of people in general when dealing with technology, but it's odd, isn't it? i mean, of course there is a logical explanation for the often direct correllation between improved technology and your unhappiness.

i can view the profile and check the status of each of my 300+ friends on facebook instantaneously and continuously, but somehow i feel unhappy when i'm on facebook too much, like i'm some kind of coke addict who has the need but no longer feels pleasure from the fix.

on the other hand, i very much enjoy this new facebook application for the new shopaholic movie that's coming out in february. you get to pretend to shop, and you get a closet full of prada. ahhh.

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