Monday, January 12, 2009

new kitten!

so life continues in the wells household with the addition of our new kitten, huckleberry. huck is four months old, with orange stripes and a white chest and white paws. he snuggles into my lap and then kneads my chest the way he did to his mother when he wanted milk. i'm not sure how to explain to him that it's unlikely to happen. but anyway, the first night with him was all howling as he ran around the bathroom and generally freaked was the second night...and the third day.

but now he seems to be adjusting happily, so much so that he will cuddle with kayla and me just about anywhere, and he and jack now have a little game where one crouches underneath the bed by the wood panel at the foot, and the other crouches next to the bed on the other side of the wood panel, and they swipe their paws at each other, duck, then swipe again. i thought they were fighting at first but then huck began to cry when i pulled jack away so i let them have at it.

if you're still reading this: clap, clap. i just wrote all of that above and then thought: really, agatha? do you think your friends really want to read an extensive narrative of your cats' behavior? but clearly you do if you are still reading.

also, this evening huckleberry started farting every time i picked him up. i really hope this goes away.

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