Sunday, February 1, 2009

football: a new frontier–wait, is 'new frontier' redundant?

incredible–a high of 45 degrees today, practically spring. i know this is a breath of warmth that always comes at the end of january only to dip back into frigid temperatures in february and march, but i couldn't help running around outside today and frolicking. it was so warm that i didn't even wear a scarf. and that tells you something.

now kayla and i are getting ready to go to a superbowl party...i guess i'm cheering for the steelers since she's from pittsburgh, and i don't really know anyone in arizona.

i never grew up in an area or with a family that cared about sports, so it's still a little foreign to me what the superbowl is or why people care so much. or how football really works. i wikipediaed it a couple months back, actually. apparently the very tall fork-like structure at the end of the field is only necessary for a very small part of the game. isn't that surprising to you? i mean, i've told people this before, but it seems to me like it's quite big piece of stationary metal to have on the field when you don't use it that much. football players should do something more exciting with it–like set up a spring board in front of it and take turns doing somersaults into the end zone.

but i realize that there is some very emotional attachment for some people, so i respect that, and i like eating barbeque wings and beer, so i won't complain today if there's some tv on in the background while i eat.

ha! i knew what 'end zone' means. snap!

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