Tuesday, February 24, 2009

so busy

i can't believe how much i've accomplished in the past month–and also how much i still have left to do. it seems like every hour of my day is filled with some admissions work, and it's all driving me forward, but i hope i have the energy to keep going through app review. i caught a stomach bug on sunday which really should only have lasted a day, but it was only this afternoon that i really began to feel well again, as if my body suddenly saw an opportunity to force me to slow down, and took it.

and yet, i'm sitting here, waiting for barack obama to come into congress to give his first state of the union address, and i had the sudden thought that, no matter what i have due tomorrow, at least i don't have half the worries on my shoulders that he does.

mrs. obama looks lovely, of course, and every time i see her i wonder what she's thinking. she strikes me as a reflective woman who sees a great deal but now feels compelled to withhold her opinion. it's something with her eyes–grave and warm at the same time.

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