Sunday, May 11, 2008

strange dreams

i normally have weird dreams, so i'm usually not really shocked when a real winner presents itself in my hours of somnolence.

last night i dreamed that i had gotten a new roommate, which i was actually contemplating in waking life, so that wasn't so weird. we were in a high school gym, however, for some reason, and discussing which spaces were his to use, even though i don't live in a high school gym.

then the dream changed and i was at an amusement park getting ready to ride a brand-new roller coaster. i have roller coaster dreams pretty often, and usually the roller coaster is out of control. in this case, it was a coaster created with magnets so that you sat in a car suspended from the track that stuck to it by magnetic force; there were gaps in the track so that part of the thrill of the ride was that as you sped along, the car disconnected from the track and 'jumped' the gap, supposedly to successfully reattach itself to the next bit of track based on the pure attractive force of the magnets in the track and in the car.

i was somewhat disconcerted but as usually happens in these dreams, everyone told me to not be so apprehensive and to appreciate the innovation of the latest in roller coaster technology. as usual, i was persuaded to ride it even though my personal feelings were against it.

i don't remember if we crashed; i think the dream changed at that point to something else...i was talking suddenly with the mother of a guy on whom i had a crush and she was saying to me how she would put up posters of him because he seemed to be missing.

this just goes to show that dreams really are completely incomprehensible sometimes.

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