Wednesday, May 28, 2008

long, productive day

today we were on staff retreat and talked about personality types and working to leverage our strengths and compensate for our pitfalls. i seem to be an 'infp', or in layman's terms, an introvert-intuition-feeling-perceiving type. this was both a very helpful and challenging realization, because it made me acknowledge that factual data and structure are often elusive for me, and i struggle to accept that others can see such information as important.

we did role-playing to challenge ourselves to play to a personality type that we were weakest in, so i had to do a mock high school visit to a group of 'st's, or sensor-thinker types who want facts, numbers and logic. it was like wearing an old man's shoe: awkward, and ill-fitting.

but moments of discomfort are moments where we grow, so i plan to keep on putting on an old man's shoe until it feels like a lilac silk prada kitten heel.

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