Friday, May 23, 2008

increasing yield

no, i'm not talking about admissions efforts on enrolling a larger class. i'm talking about gaining readership to this blog.

that's right: i have one more friend who has promised to read this blog, and thanks to him, i now have three people who swear that they read this blog.

that is, as my friend reminds me, increasing readership by 33%. success!


Chris Garaffa said...

Not only will I read your blog, I'll also comment prolifically.
(OK, not sure about the 'prolifically' part. Don't want to promise too much.)


Donnie said...

I read! I just don't comment.

Andy White said...

I read your blog more than I write in my own.

Agatha Wells said...

aw you guys are my groupies! thanks for reading :)

i'll try to have exciting posts.

it's not just for the classroom!