Monday, November 16, 2009

winter, and a train ride through germany

another strange dream. a bit shorter than the last i recorded, since it only took place over two "scenes" that i can recall, but it was still very vivid. it was another traveling dream.

this time, i am traveling to germany for a semester abroad, or a vacation, perhaps. at any rate, i don't know where my starting point was, but wherever it is, i am taking a train to get to germany. it's winter, or at least, the train is speeding through lofty, snow-covered mountains–we speed past tall, tall bare trees, and i notice that it isn't a heavy snow, but enough to cover the ground in speckly white. the train doesn't feel like a modern amtrak or something–it is perhaps an old steam engine. or maybe i assume that everything in europe is old?

the winter scene is so calm and lovely, and it's relaxing to look out the window and watch the trees whipping past. but then i realize that we're driving quite recklessly, and suddenly my view changes–i'm on top of the train, or at the front, maybe. at any rate, i can suddenly see the track ahead of me–a new, but wooden track–and we don't seem to stay gripped to the rails the whole time. up and down, up and down we race over the snow, scaling great heights and then quickly whooshing down into the valleys, so quickly that i become slightly nervous that we'll fly off the track. but i'm not really nervous–it's so hard to be, when the scenery is so beautiful. finally, we seem to make it safely to the station, and then i find myself in a train station clothing shop, sort of like the ones at the airport (since they don't really have such things at most train stations), and i'm trying to use my cell phone when i realize that it won't work outside of america, and i am totally put out.

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