Wednesday, November 11, 2009

what is love?

ok it's not like i'm a total geek. well, ok. to be fair–yes, i am. but i was surfing the web, looking up nintendo references, like people do, and found this great quote describing a video game called "Dragon Warrior," from a website that clearly a lot of care and dedication went into making:

"what is love? perhaps love is like being lost in a dark cave. you wander around in the empty black with a limited supply of torches, hoping to find something pure. but you don't. instead, you only find ghosts and monsters. and then finally you find a brilliant light, one that fills the cave with a radiance that outshines your torch by at least twentyfold. you walk towards it, entranced by its beauty. unfortunately for you, it's a dragon. but once you kill it, you meet this totally hot chick who is immediately impressed with you. also, her dad is like a king or something and he's super rich. that's what love is like. well, that's what Dragon Warrior is like, and they're basically the same thing."

i don't know the game–but i think i know a little more about love now.

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Junebug12 said...

Ha. That's actuallya really good quote. Sounds like a cool game.

it's not just for the classroom!