Saturday, March 28, 2009

sing, sing, sing with a swing

another great beginning to my weekend. on thursday, i decided to just send out an email to the whole campus with the request for people to bring me their unwanted books, so i could collect them to send to indonesia. i had the idea when i went to visit last summer, and my stepmom told me how difficult it is to get books in english over there.

so i sent out this email, not really expecting anyone to respond yet–i figured i'd keep emailing periodically until the end of the semester. well, within about a five minute span after the email was sent, i had TEN people eagerly respond with offers to give me textbooks, novels, academic journals, and even two sets of older encyclopedias! i couldn't believe it. no matter the motive, i am so thrilled by how many people were willing to donate. i need to start planning how to collect all of them now, and how to mail them.

so on friday i picked up my first set of textbooks from an economics professor, and then headed to FASH (friday afternoon social hour), where i fell into conversation with one of my former english professors, temma berg, who also offered to donate books, and a friend of hers who also offered to donate, and even offered to lend her knowledge of NGOs and other services. this is getting beyond what i could have imagined, but who knows? maybe i should make this into some kind of official cause. stay tuned!

later that evening, i went to hear a friend play in the gettysburg college jazz ensemble, aka the buzz jones band, and they totally blew me away. i am constantly overwhelmed by the incredible talent on this campus, and to hear them play at the majestic theatre is particularly gratifying because of its ties to both the college and community. the evening's entertainment ended with a vibrant arrangement of "sing, sing, sing" and i went home humming jazz to myself.

today bx and kara are coming to visit so i am very excited because i haven't seen them in... well, i'd better not think back to how long it's been. but today will be great :).

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