Sunday, March 22, 2009

bursting open in every direction

spring is finally here! it's in the air, stretched acrosss the sky, at work, at home, at church, even at walmart. or is it just me, carrying this happy giddiness everywhere i go? no, i think it's everyone.

this weekend was positively glorious with temperatures in the 50's and plenty of sunshine. on friday, i had a terrific day attending the faculty author's reception at the library, and then a senior recital from one of our fantastic ethnomusicology majors, with whom i am planning a video on her mellon grant research and passion for music.

yesterday i was outside planting lilies-of-the-valley, blue irises and hyacinth in my backyard, one of which hopefully will bloom. i don't know if i followed all the planting instructions, but the package seemed to indicate that if planted in march, they would bloom by early summer. i also have my little lemon tree which is flourishing, despite its origin as a seed from a supermarket lemon. i won't have fruit for several years, but who knew the fruit from the supermarket was actually fertile?

tomorrow huck goes to the vet to be neutered and i'm a bit freaked out, after hearing a story from a friend about their pet's death after a routine spaying operation. but it's an out-patient business, so i just drop him off tomorrow morning and pick him up after work. and i know my other cat, jack, went through it and was obviously fine, but still... i hope they won't hate me, because i plan on calling every couple of hours to check on him.

spring really must work some miracles. up through early march the streets felt so empty at times. now it seems like everywhere i go, there is a new energy bouncing off of every surface. people bloom out of their houses like the crocuses coming up, as if they'd been hiding, dormant, inside, all winter long. yesterday, the man who works at the gas station across the street from me shared with me two cornmeal pasties that an hispanic friend of his brought him after he fixed their car. ah, spring.

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