Monday, September 1, 2008

sun moon stars rain

if by yes

ten points if you can guess the reference. twenty points if you can tell me what it means. to me it is hope. 'if' is possibility, and where there is possibility, there is always the possibility for goodness.

with that attitude ever-present (or at least i try to keep it so) i'm ready for the fall but still don't know what my future will bring, for my career, my life... i know–that sounds ridiculous; of course i don't know the future. but i have a bad habit of over-planning my life for all contingencies, with the need to control everything, and i'm really working on stopping that. it's ok not to know what the outcome of everything will be.

still, here i will take a moment to display my accomplishments thus far, due to planning and mental preparation:
• done: travel plans for pittsburgh, ohio and michigan (my first round of travel this fall)
• acquired: one (1) upright wurlizter piano with chipped paint and sixties'-inspired vinyl siding
• done: refinishing piano in more attractive oak or whatever the color was
• done: laundry at courtney's house while we watched miss pettigrew lives for a day

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bx said...

I'm back in Baltimore, so let me know if you are ever in the area- we can get together.

it's not just for the classroom!