Friday, September 26, 2008


yawn. i miss my sweet love muffin. by whom i mean my cat. and no, i'm not ashamed that i have ridiculous pet names for him. he is also my pooky, my petite smook, and my little monster. i promise not to use such terms to any future children or husband...except maybe in joking. but really, i won't. but i can't resist with my kitty; he's too cute.

things that i've discovered in these first two weeks of travel:
-pittsburgh=reminds me of upton sinclair's the jungle, but i like it anyway
-ohio=some particularly excellent aspects, minus the extensive miles of nothingness
-michigan=mostly unremarkable

i realize that these are judgments founded on biased moments but again i can't help what i observe.

ok i'm watching tv and burger king just used the national anthem in its commercial, probably because of the debates tonight. i hate the marketing of patriotism. get off my national anthem, evil burger king marketing division!

nevertheless, i'd be a hypocrite if i claimed that i do not desire to wear the burger king crown every time i go in to get a whopper junior.

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