Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the passion of chopin

tonight i had a little chopin accompany my evening. no, i didn't play him, as there's no piano about in this hampton inn in columbus, ohio; and besides, i really butcher chopin so it wouldn't be pleasant for anyone to hear but myself. thanks to youtube, i was able to enjoy one of his nocturnes, which in fact is so lovely that i'll share it here with you. ok you should also here this one, since it's more famous so you may recognize it.

i do love musicians; and yet i don't think i could ever marry a man like chopin. i used to have such an admiration for him, because of that haunting portrait of him done by eugene delacroix, where his expression is so brooding. but, in the usual fashion of artists, he was so unsteady...and appealing as that is in many ways, the last thing i need is to marry a man who's even more unsteady than i am. so i still love him, but i'm reasonable. also, he's been dead for over a century, but you know what i mean.

p.s. i just noticed that there is a weird video of peasants on the first chopin piece. not sure what that is about, since it seems to be in german, which is even odder as chopin was polish and french.

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