Monday, May 11, 2009


the other night i had a strange dream that i was on campus and standing in breidenbaugh hall. i felt a curious sensation all around me and i looked up and found that the building was dripping water from the inside. it wasn't raining outside, but inside the dripping seemed to be increasing, and as i dashed from stairwell to hallway, the drops fell more thickly, obscuring my vision everywhere i turned.

i wasn't afraid. i was anxious, but more out of the oddity of it all. i had an odd sensation of déja vu, a feeling of coming to a point again where i had been before–but not exactly a point in my past, not a point backward. like, here i am–remember this? yes.

and anyway, any memory of my favorite english building will always be welcome.

i tried looking up "rain" but couldn't find anything about rain happening in a building. but most sources seem to agree that to dream of rain is to dream of an opening of wisdom, love and personal wealth. since it was raining in the building with the english department, i will interpret this as a good sign for my future in graduate school.

rain. beautiful.

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