Thursday, December 18, 2008


ugh. this has been a stressful week in so many ways. my mom called on tuesday afternoon to tell me that my sister had gone to the emergency room monday night with a gushing nosebleed, and she was choking on blood and couldn't stop it. the emergency room--and this kills me, for greenwich, connecticut--didn't know what was wrong and kept telling her to put her head back and not cough, which of course is totally easy to do when you're trying not to swallow massive quantities of blood. she said it felt like she was drowning. :(

so they sent her to the e.n.t. because they didn't know how to help her (in the EMERGENCY room). god. i hate to think what they say when someone comes in with an even more serious injury ("wow, he's totally bleeding and his eyes are rolling to the back of his head. maybe give him an aspirin? i dunno, what'dyou think?"). fortunately the e.n.t. was a much nicer experience, and they cauterized her nose and plugged it up with what she calls a nose tampon.

now she's walking around with her nose tampon, poor thing, but at least it's quelled the bleeding. now i just need to finish all my projects, read my applications, and contemplate the weekend.

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