Friday, December 12, 2008

holiday cheer and web brainstorming in the burg

today is a great day! why, you ask? why only because we just had a super-productive web communications meeting w/ our friends in penn hall, and i think we've come up with some great ideas to spread the word about gettysburg college, and to highlight some more of the amazing things our students and faculty are doing--like the GRAB program wilderness adventure to colorado this spring, one of tons that they do, and in which they kept us all back on campus posted on their hiking progress through google earth and their blog.

now i'm off to our ees division holiday party and can't wait to be challenged by some extreme holiday trivia games--i have been watching all of my favorite christmas claymation specials on tv, just to hone my skills. what's the name of the bad guy in "santa claus is comin' to town" who makes toys illegal? burgermeister meisterburger.

yes. i am so ready.

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Paul Redfern said...

Glad you thought it was a good meeting Aggie keep up the good work in Eisenhower House!

it's not just for the classroom!