Tuesday, June 17, 2008


well, i've been proven wrong that you can, indeed, have adventures after 6:30pm. no, not that kind.

i was walking to the college so that i could play the piano in schmucker, but it was locked. disappointed, i pondered who i knew who had a piano. i called courtney, then darryl, but neither picked up the phone. being closer to courtney's house at this point, i decide to just wander over and see if she was home.

but when i got there, her car was gone, so i turned around and headed back towards the college. i paused by mcknight to rest for a minute on a bench, and noticed a girl in a blue shirt walking by me towards schmucker. i continued to watch her hopefully to see if she could get into the building, but she presently came back from the entrance, equally rejected.

i watched her round the side of the building and disappear from view. after a couple moments, i became bored and got up to walk home again. my path took me back around schmucker the same way this girl had headed down, and oddly enough as i passed by the building again, there she was, trying to pry a semi-open window fully open.

i couldn't help pausing. she looked up at me and laughed apologetically. "yeah i usually get in this way, but the window's stuck."

i blinked in surprise. "that's actually pretty clever." she nodded. "do you want help?" for some reason, this made her surprised.

"oh! sure, yeah, thanks." said she, so i dropped my music on the ground and walked up to the window. together we gave a push and ha! it went right up without sticking.

i watched as she proceeded to get a footing on a drainage grate next to the window, and hoist herself up and over so that her her legs dangled outside. apparently this was not as things usually go. "there used to be a chair here," she said, and finished by tumbling into the room.

i cried out "don't hurt yourself!" but she had already jumped up. now it was my turn. i had some apprehension, i admit; my window-clambering days had long been a thing of the past. before i could make the attempt, however, she called out to me, "oh don't bother. i'll go and let you in around the side."

thus ended my almost-adventure, but at least i did end up getting into schmucker and practicing. even if i did sort of feel old in comparison to this limber person. note to self: go to gym more often.


Chris Garaffa said...


I got home late and never called you to wish you a happy birthday. I'm so sorry.

So, happy birthday!

Agatha Wells said...

thank you :)

it's not just for the classroom!