Saturday, June 14, 2008

first step: identifying the objective

goals for summer:
•gain mastery over underarm flab cruelly found only in women b/c of connection to breast tissue by regular toning and lifting exercises

•redecorate house. had dream last night that i found a beautiful bamboo coffee table that looked perfect in living room. will reality prove possible?

•pay off credit card and develop more economic lifestyle of eating and drinking (aka, not drinking b/c alcohol is costly)

•learn key indonesian phrases and basic understanding of language structure before leaving for indonesia so as not to look like stupid, arrogant american who expects everyone to speak english, even though they do, sadly

•train cat to stop breaking vases/flower pots/irreplaceable items out of plea for attention. will encourage him to seek attention in positive ways, e.g., cuddling in lap

•create photo albums and fill currently empty collection of picture frames that i have been meaning to do since last october


Emily said...

Møo mü, I support your goals with arm flab!!!!!!! I feel like I'm a spokesperson for women suffering from arm flab, bringing awareness to others about it's detrimental aspects.

Agatha Wells said...

raising awareness is the first step to bringing greater understanding

it's not just for the classroom!