Sunday, October 2, 2011

up, up and away

for all who are feeling the struggle against adversity right now, here's a little reminder that many things are possible beyond what we can conceive:

UP is one of my favorite films. i pretty much cry in the first five minutes of the movie, every time i watch it. and again at the end. and i love the premise that an old man turns to adventure by converting his house into a giant hot-air balloon.

i like films that remind us that only when things are truly bleak, is there room to see outrageous possibilities.

enjoy the rest of the weekend, dear friends.


Emmers said...

my hubs saw it with me and after the first fifteen minutes told me, "I'll finish watching this with you, but I will NEVER watch it with you again. It reminds me too much of us!" Super cute :) AHHHH I miss him!

Agatha Wells said...

aww that is sweet. :) i hope you get only the good part of that movie, as your comparison. cute blogger profile pic, by the way!

Mrankie Funiz said...

I weep like a baby in dat exposition

it's not just for the classroom!