Friday, December 18, 2009

ah! the labyrinth

my steps tread back and forth, new paths and old converging. i feel like my life is hegel's dialectic: old ideas crashing against new ones, and a synthesis is formed from the two.


Double M said...

wow, really interesting and kind of fits with what we were both feeling.
glad u liked my last blog post and my card! I'm so glad it got to you, I wanted it to be a surprise and I couldn't remember ur street address

my post was actually about a guy who hurt me once and now is weaseling his way back in. bad news!

I hope things get better with your job! The thing that has helps me get though feeling like I've gone backwards career-wise is that careers (unless maybe the business world) don't always progress in a linear fashion. It's more of a process.

Merry Christmas! If u are driving back to CT, drive safely :)

Agatha Wells said...

sorry i didn't respond sooner..i was thinking about what you said, and then got distracted and then, well you know. time passes.

but i'm sorry to hear about the weasel-don't let him back in if he is such! you are WAY to amazing to waste time on a weasel. or even a ferret. :p

my job is going a bit better, which is great. you're right that growth isn't linear, but i guess my boss sees it as such. oh well.

i hope you had a great holiday as well!

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