Tuesday, October 6, 2009

key words

out of curiosity, and no doubt some vanity, i track the number of visits to my blog through google analytics. actually, it's not very good for my vanity because i don't get a whole lot of people actually caring to read my blog, but i do get quite a few interesting key word searches, in part due to the title of this web journal. here are some of my favorites since the blog's debut in february 2008:

  • "description of docks looked and smelled like in the 18th century" what?
  • "i wish i was living in 6 century" really? do you wish you were living in serfdom?
  • "in love with trees" agree.
  • "kitten howling "first night"" eek i remember those nights...
  • "red hair in the 18th century" considered evil; it's true--look it up.
  • "do you ever wish it was the 18th century now" oh yesss to that...but not to living in the 6th century, for heaven's sake.
  • "how is the supermarket of the 18th century different from today" think about that for a minute, now.

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