Tuesday, July 14, 2009


the restlessness is taking over me again. i can feel it stirring a wind up through my veins, pulling at my hands and feet, and i know i must run outside and go somewhere or i feel i might burst. where to go? and why?

there seems to be some psychological benefit to the physical journey. maybe it's my conviction that we travel inward as we travel over the earth, and somehow the movement of the body gains me a sense of purpose in my mind that i didn't have before. whether it is where to go to graduate school, or whom to marry, or anything important in life–somehow i find the decision easier to make while letting my thoughts flow over me and through me as my feet span the ground.

at the same time, i am not always careful not to let my mercurial nature run me into the ground with feverish activity. this is something to work on.

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