Tuesday, June 30, 2009



no, i cannot tell you what it means, because i refuse to flip the flash card over and look. and yet, i'm supposed to have that word memorized as part of my gre studying efforts. still the first few official days of my vacation have been going pretty well--i cleaned the house, changed the cat litter (always an activity i put off until the bitter end), had the refrigerator fixed (again...long story), and now am going to buy stamps to mail some letters to friends. and then more studying for the gre.

i tried on my bridesmaid dress again last night, as kristen is visiting and she wanted to see me in it. i was pleased that it fit me better than before; i seem to be slightly curvier than i was in march when i first tried it. unfortunately, larger boobs also means more arm fat, so my goal is to lift weights until the ratio of arm-to-boob fat is where i want it to be.

now back to studying!


bx said...

this is me encouraging you to visit B'more. Last year you saw some of kara's photos of the Evergreen House (http://www.museums.jhu.edu/evergreen/) and you said you wanted to see it. You should see it before I move away at the end of July.

good luck with the gre!

Agatha Wells said...

oh yeah i do remember that! well, maybe on the weekend of july 11th-12th? i may be free then...why are you moving??

it's not just for the classroom!