Monday, November 17, 2008

life: moderately entertaining

counselor fly-in tomorrow! i'm pretty excited; it's usually a good time and fun to show off campus to visiting high school counselors. other than that, life continues.

now if only it would snow, my life would be complete. well, my life would be complete with a few other things, as well. but you know. snow would be lovely.


bx said...

agreed about the snow, but I am not holding my breath because its unlikely we will get any snow any time soon in b-more. btw, you should visit and we can go to the Evergreen house- the one you saw pictures of on Kara's facebook

Agatha Wells said...

oooh cool!! ok :)
i know, i have to visit-especially since i hear that you won't be coming home for thanksgiving :( but perhaps i can soon since i don't think i work weekends now. is it fun to visit Evergreen when it's cold outside?

it's not just for the classroom!