Tuesday, October 7, 2008

traffic and poetry

such a day...it was cold (but warm, according to those who live here) and drizzling, and i saw five schools, had only a couple students come to my visits, but they were overall good visits, aside from the craziness of chicago construction and the weather. but i feel bad for construction workers, as they do very necessary work, without which we'd complain even more bitterly, and so it's quite unfair to get frustrated when there's traffic, when they're only maintaining safety.

i tried to imagine chicago as a sunny place, which is decidedly difficult to do in october, but i did my best. i am sure that, somewhere in the stretches of this mob city, there are lovely autumn days of golden sunlight and vivid splashes of color in the trees, with a rich blue sky overhead. i just haven't chanced on any yet.

the little cares that fretted me
i lost them yesterday
among the fields, above the sea,
among the winds at play,
among the lowing of the herds,
the rustling of the trees,
among the singing of the birds,
the humming of the bees.

the foolish fears of what might happen,
i cast them all away,
among the clover-scented grass,
among the new-mown hay,
among the husking of the corn,
where drowsy poppies nod,
where ill thoughts die and good are born--
out in the fields with God.


Andy White said...

Hey Bean! Just wanted to check in and let you know I'm gonna be better about reading your blog and writing in my blog as I've been neglecting these duties for months.

I visited Chicago in early August for the Lollapalooza music fest. I, too, noticed the excessive traffic and applauded the noble road work graciously performed by the men in orange. Those points brushed aside, I loved the city and the people in it.

Agatha Wells said...

hey Andypants! ;p nice to hear from you again! yeah i've been not that great at updating so i'm trying too. chicago is a cool city indeed--i just don't produce body heat haha.

it's not just for the classroom!