Friday, September 23, 2011

great hair never goes out of style

so Prada has an interesting new spring line, says ELLE: retro-leotards…for everyday wear?

they are pretty damn adorable--don’t they make you think of Rita Hayworth?

inasmuch as i’d love to go around looking like a 50’s Hollywood pinup, i’m curious as to in which public setting will these become de rigeur? they’re not quite bathing suits, but something tells me mom wouldn’t like to see me in church like that.

also, from new york’s spring 2012 fashion week, i can’t help loving this model's elegant, but abstract hairstyle.

something about tinged hair thrown back into twists elicits fond images of the eighteenth century, and of this image in particular:

nothing like getting together with your girlfriends and your favorite beau to do some primping and have a gossip.

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